Erockfor releases her final single "Crown" ahead of new album

Canadian Cameroonian singer/songwriter Erockfor returns with her fifth single "Crown" as she prepares to release her new LP later this month. Releasing singles since June, she has thrilled us with her personal tales of struggles, comeuppance, and triumphant return to her true self. 

Erockfor explains that "Crown" represents the seventh and final chakra "Sahasrara," following Erockfor’s two previous singles "Sacral" and "Heart" that were named after the second and fourth chakra. As the title suggests, Erockfor finds her true essence and wears it like a diadem for all to see while acknowledging the several hurdles and obstacles she had to overcome to get to this point in her life. The Blaire Michael produced track is cinematic and built on an airy electric guitar arrangement layered over warm textures and punchy drums which fits perfectly with Erockfor's commanding melodic performance and insightful lyrics.

"Crown" is the fifth and final single from Erockfor who is readying her debut PHOENIX LP later this month.

Erockfor has come full circle after spending six years in Seoul and is now back in her hometown in Montreal, where she crafted her forthcoming debut album Phoenix, which chronicles her journey between the abusive and adulterous marriage that caused her to escape to Korea and where she is now, over a genre-bending fusion of sonic beds.

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