Eurekas continue on an upward trajectory with sophomore single “Ivy”

Rising band Eurekas continue on an upward trajectory with sophomore single “Ivy,” bringing classic rock sounds together with summery pop stylings as a tale on pining unfolds. Led by energetic drums and soaring guitars, the track is lush yet gritty as it shines with a youthful yet nostalgic rock energy.

Paying ode to their favourites like The Beatles, The Kinks and more, while also honing in their captivating trademark, the track is simple yet impactful. Speaking of the track, co-lead singer Dan Burridge says, “ I love the idea of writing a very straightforward pop song with a traditional theme, particularly so early on in our career as a band. It’s catchy, and seems to strike a chord with crowds whenever we play it live. We couldn’t ask for more really.”

Burridge and Jack Perrett brought their creativity together to form Eurekas in October 2021 and haven’t looked back since, building their impressive live reputation hinged on determination and enthusiasm. Following up their successful debut “Made You Look,” with this strong follow up, the Eurekas set themselves up as a driving force for the new-era of indie rock.

Stream “Ivy” HERE .

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