EUT deliver confrontational catharsis with new single “Step By Step”

EUT are a Dutch quintet who continue to trailblaze their way into a new era for alternative pop. Transcending sonic depths and captivating with their enriching soundscapes, they’re striding back into the scene with their new single “Step By Step” ahead of their highly-anticipated album Be My Reactor.

Championing an admirable blend of authenticity and creativity into every second of their repertoire, their abounding ingenuity continues to reach new heights. In an ode to the album’s darker discourses, they explain, “On previous records, we might have wanted to dance our problems away lyrically and musically. But during the writing process of Be My Reactor, there were a lot of emotionally heavy moments that had to be placed in a song and didn’t deserve to be pushed into the background.”

Delving into lyrical confrontation and a new realm of experimentalism head first, their new single unravels with catharsis. Turning to new instruments and processes alike, “Step By Step” escalates with echoic vocality, funky basslines and sweeping synthesisers that consolidate their status as an exceptional emerging talent. They continue, “On this record, we faced these subjects without fear and confronted them, and in doing so we have tried to break taboos for ourselves.” Inspiring confidence in the “Step by Step” process, EUT’s new record is truly unique, as their continuous evolution and unparalleled approaches continue to set them apart.

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