Ev Carm is asking us to “Laugh Again”

Ev Carm is back with “Laugh Again”, his first single since last year. After the release of his debut EP Leaves last year with successful singles such as “Leaves” and “Here, My Dear”, he has now signed to andfriends Records, a new independent label spearheaded by fellow Dublin-based indie musician Uly. This new track is the first release under andfriends, and its is as strong a start as you can ask for from a new label. 

The track is breathtaking from start to finish, the beautiful acoustic guitar washed with reverb is the perfect backdrop to the excellent songwriting on offer here. The melodic tone of his vocals are stunning, and their depth draws the listener in with his warmth. This is song creation 101 here, people. I would recommend any aspiring songwriter to listen to this song on how to build and create tension through the use of voice and build up of instruments. When listening to this track you are on the edge of your seat at all times. The percussive elements give it a sense of movement, almost a heartbeat. 

After this release, a lot of eyes and ears should be on Ev Carm and everyone else over at andfriends. 

Connect with Ev Carm: Instagram | Bandcamp

Connect with andfriends: Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter