Ev Thompson, Moka Only and Joaquin Daniels are "Takin' it Back"

Throwback songs will always be a staple in hip-hop and often helps in giving a refreshing look at how the past affects the now. Today, we look at how Canadian rapper Ev Thompson approaches the subject on his new single "Takin' it Back" with the help of fellow veteran Canadian rapper Moka Only and LA rapper/DJ Joaquin Daniels (Project Blowed alumni).

The trio paints a vivid picture of the 90s while taking bits of their personal and professional experiences into account over the solemn warm backdrop laid before them. Thompson kicks it off as he runs through memories of BMX bicycles, four bar loops, video game cartridges to 90s rap cyphers with soon-to-be-legendary emcees. He is followed closely by Joaquin Daniels's account of his childhood on the west coast and the myriad of incidents and people that contributed to his growth. Moka Only wraps it up on a similar note, name-dropping emcees he listened to as a kid to digging in crates to find samples to work with. What even makes this record more touching is that all three are from the same era and have worked together under different circumstances in the 90s so some of their memories do mirror each other.

Ev Thompson helped start the rap scene on the Canadian prairies. Moka Only is as prolific as they come and has over 100 albums as a solo act and also with Swollen Members, Tank Gawd with Kutmasta Kurt, and more. Joaquin Daniels on the other hand is heavily involved in the LA underground scene as a rapper and DJ, and has albums released on Keep The Feel Records.

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