Experimental act dawsonLIED drops self-confident offering "OWO"

dawsonLIED drops a self-confident track “OWO,” a rich amalgamation of modern pop, R&B, and underground influences. Featuring German talent godspeed, the track booms with smooth beats and pulsing synths, sensual vocals drawing us into a woozy yet anthemic sonic world. Described as a track about “feeling himself,” it urges us to celebrate not only ourselves but everyone who makes us feel good about ourselves.

With sleek production layered on alluring vocals, the Maine-based act has built a reputation for his introspective artistry, his secluded lifestyle bringing out his deepest, sharpest thoughts, softened within swirls of hazy R&B. Having grown up influenced by the dreams of his music-loving parents , dawsonLIED has taken his commitment to the craft seriously – consistently developing a versatile musicality, framed by melancholic yet equally buoyant instrumentals.

Marked by dedication and a natural talent for music, Dawson who has stuck to his decision of becoming a music artist since high school, has built up a repertoire of tracks like “OWO,” with messages tinged with a self-love that he pays forward to his listeners. Now, working on his goal to craft an experimental yet cohesive debut project, there seems to be no looking back for this rising artist.

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