Fanny Andersen doesn’t want to “Wake Up” [Video]

Norway based singer-songwriter Fanny Andersen first hit the main airwaves with her buzzy breakout song “Kids” in 2017 and after going through some personal turmoil she returned to the mic in 2019. She spent the rest of that year working on new material that touched on numerous experiences that she had persevered through – ranging from sour relationships, near mental break down and overwhelming stress. This past week, she’s released a new music video for her latest single “Wake Up.” Over punchy drums and smooth guitar riffs, she quips “… I don’t wanna wake up, fuck…”. That alone shows Andersen is ready to take the listener deep down into a dark recess of her own life where external elements can’t trouble her.  “Wake Up” is a mix of many things but for the most part, is mainly filled with catchy syrupy melodies and dark honest lyrics that reflect the depths of Andersen’s most bleak periods.

The music video features a tapestry of snappy visuals, texturizing the wave of emotions that Andersen relays in the lyrics. The director makes use of a mix of stock footage, scenes from classic movies/music videos as cut scenes. The vintage shots do away with the traditional performance and use a classic stop motion effect reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” In a nutshell, it’s quite trippy and equally entertaining.

She is currently in the studio working with a new line of collaborators including Olly Burden (The Prodigy), Steve Weston (Skrillex / Rudimental), and Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons).

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