Fatboyshaun & Trox connect on '$100 Pasta Plates'

Texas rapper Fatboyshaun and Portland producer Trox have shared a collaborative EP entitled $100 Pasta Plates. On this project, the two artists bring highly complementary styles- with Fatboyshaun's raw, bold rhyming and Trox's textured, gritty production. The combination of the two works magically, as they glide smoothly through six slick, evocative cuts, never leaving a dull moment for the listener.

After a smoky, laid-back intro that sets the stage for the record's ambiance, the appropriately decadent sound of "Salmon Over Seaweed" provides some ear candy to entice the listener. Instrumentally the track is elegant, containing dusky horns drifting over top of gritty drums and rich bass. Fatboyshaun's vocals complement the beat, contrasting it with a more energetic delivery while still always remaining composed. This track transitions into the Ricky Mapes-assisted "Buscatti Caviar", a glowing track that pairs warm keys with rugged bass to create an infectious sound. Album highlight "Timmy Chans" is a truly memorable cut, with a standout beat from Trox that pairs twisting guitars with gritty samples and head-banging drums. Here, Fatboyshaun provides some of his most passionate verses, upping the intensity with his vocal delivery and making it difficult to not focus entirely on the song. 

With strong production from Trox and evocative, powerful rhyming from Fatboyshaun, $100 Pasta Plates is an engaging release that puts a modern twist on more traditional boom-bap sounds. The EP's warm, textural sounds charmingly harkens back to old cassette tapes while remaining refreshing throughout.

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