Father, Zack Fox and Archibald Slim reject peace negotiations on "Let's Kick His Ass"

The man with the most post-ironic drawl in hip-hop, Father, has brought us another hymn to unity just in time for the festive season in the form of his latest single, the joyous “Let’s Kick His Ass”. Joined by the rap scene’s prime purveyor of power violence, Zack Fox, and the smooth, buttery threats of Archibald Slim, the track is performed completely straight-faced throughout, and any sense of satire is obscured by fists and feet. Father’s most recent album, Come outside, we not gon jump you, released back in the heady days of January, took more of a melodic, sensitive detour than long-time fans were used to. “Let’s Kick His Ass” heralds an end to that and a return to the degenerate style lapped up by merry misanthropes the world over.

The production duties are also handled by Father as per usual, and he has cooked up a dreamy, laid-back organ-led melody bolstered by whiplash-inducing drums. As an overall listening experience, the beat is warm and pleasant, which makes the following acts of aggression described in pain-staking and pain-taking detail seem even more cartoonish. The clear consequence of this is that the straight-faced nature of the delivery becomes even more hilarious. All of a sudden, we’re in on the joke, moments before realising it’s not a joke and the lights go out.

Zack Fox kicks us off in typically reserved fashion, including drowning, electrocution and explosion amongst his preferred methods of dispatching an opp. His creativity in the field of harm is quite impressive and he carries the whole thing off with the air of a man who genuinely could not care less about any consequences or caught feelings which may result from his actions. At one point, he asks thoughtfully, “What did he do to make them n****s that mad?”, but the question is never answered, adding to the moral ambiguity.

Father is more coy in his approach, choosing to divide his time between the violence and the adult activities, specifically foot-fucking. That is fucking with feet rather than just fucking feet, obviously. The ease with which he switches between stepping on some unfortunate soul’s testes and running game to a thick-hipped temptress is seamless, and perhaps a little concerning. In making these quick transitions, is Father creating a collage to represent the sexualization of violence in America presently? We can only speculate.

Archibald Slim closes out the track, and with his verse comes an uplifting soul vocal sample which contrasts poetically with the coldest rhymes in circulation. Slim drops a Rick and Morty reference instantly, crowning him the MVP of the track after one bar.

“Kill his ass in his dreams like Scary Terry

Stomp his feet and slap his ass when he scream like Tom and Jerry”

Archibald Slim proclaims his murderous intentions off-handedly, almost casually, in the vein of Roc Marciano, which makes them considerably more believable and proves that you don’t need to bark like Waka Flocka to demonstrate that you don’t play. His Maryland twang makes the whole verse seem effortless and chilling in its nonchalance. At the point where Slim threatens to “Stomp him out while he sleepin', record the video then get online and go leak it”, the point has been drilled home sufficiently and we are left to reflect on the teachings presented to us.

Suffice it to say, being attacked by one, two or even all three of these assailants would be a highly undesirable experience and should be rigorously avoided by any sane person with a functioning sense of self-preservation. “Let’s Kick His Ass” is a return to the ignorant bliss expected of the Awful Records affiliates, and it does not disappoint. The smooth blend of chill vibes and blood-curdling acts of vengeance can only continue, which is great news, unless you’re the person they’re writing the songs about. Buy “Let’s Kick His Ass” here.

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