Feel the “Colors Bloom” on Temple In Man’s latest single

Temple In Man is Stockholm’s true undiscovered gem, and his latest single “Colors Bloom” is the perfect introduction to his kaleidoscopic sound.

Looking to the likes of Marvin Gaye and Roy Ayers as much as Flying Lotus and The Avalanches, the nom de plume of songwriter and producer Oskar Jennefors takes a heavy dose of soulful nostalgia and siphons it through a myriad of contemporary ideals, coming across as both out of place in time, and ahead of the current curve.

Speaking to the unbound direction of the project in an email statement, Jennefors shares that, “For me, listening to and writing music is very much about exploration. To explore myself and all that I contain, both the known and the unknown. In the same sense Temple In Man acts as a platform that I can use for just that – a tool for exploration without limitations. Life in itself is filled with so much mystery and magic, and it is all that mystery and magic that I try to express.”

Continuing the statement with a note on “Colors Bloom,” Jennefors proceeds, “In this song, I tried to capture a vision from a magical summer day in my youth. A vision of blue skies and a landscape full of flowering bloom – a feeling of wonder and awe.”

From the opening chords alone, his vision starts to become realised, with the shimmering synth imbuing a sense of freedom akin to that aforementioned azure sky. As the texture swiftly dissolves into the chest knocking bassline, you feel the warmth on your skin as you nod your head, tap your foot or turn your walk into more of a strut. As the track advances, melodious textures continue to flesh out the almost psych soundscape, further adding to the already heady sense of wonder. His vocal sweeps in, with a delivery akin to Kevin Parker’s often ethereal falsetto, completing the track with nothing short of excellence.

If your appetite for more from him isn’t satisfied by his thus far humbly small back catalogue, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Temple In Man’s forthcoming debut album, Spots Of Light, landing May 21st.

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