Felly haunts with new single and video for "Bones"

Felly has been busy since his 2020 album Mariposa took his career to the next level boasting a Santana feature. His brand new single “Bones” is the focus of his upcoming release Young Fel 2 that features his two previously released singles “Pot of Gold” and “Still Young” – songs that blatantly showcase his development as an artist and movement towards a more mature and sonic control. The accompanying video is filled with hazy imagery, with eery visualization that fits the dreamy nature of the song.  The track showcases his talent for blending genres from hip hop, indie rock, and even a bit of soul. The childlike and playful nature of the release blends effortlessly with the dark undertones that weave throughout the song.

While Felly's prior releases are certainly well arranged in their own respect, they don’t compare to where Felly seems to be going with his new release. Even with only three songs released so far, it is already apparent with “Bones” how Felly is strengthening his ability to insert tracks within a longer project context.

There is much more sonic complexity and melodic sway to “Bones” than Felly's previous discography, which allows him to rely equally on his rapping and singing abilities. His musical evolution has grown over time with his interest in spirituality which helps to guide the direction of his songs. “Bones” sounds much more like an analog track, in contrast to his typical beat based music, which complements his vocal abilities quite well. It also fits in the larger puzzle circling back to Felly’s progress at arranging whole projects as opposed to individual tracks.

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