Ferdous announces sophomore EP with new single, “Wasteland”

Afghan-Dutch artist and producer, Ferdous has announced the release of his second EP with a new single, “Wasteland.” Dripping in golden inflections and underscored with heart-thumping beats, the track's whirring bass tones and sultry R&B grooves stand boldly under Ferdous' emotive vocals. Despite coming from a negative space, “Wasteland” sinks into its dizzying soundscape to overcome hindsight. Set to be released early 2022, the EP titled Doors promises a collection of silky R&B tones and electronic embellishments that boast Ferdous' intricately woven sonic palette.

Telling EARMILK more about the release, Ferdous says: "There’s a lot of bitterness I’ve put into this song, but I had so much fun while doing it and I hope it’s somewhat relatable. It’s about coming out of a terrible place that you didn’t realise was terrible while you were in it, and about feeling like an idiot to have tried and make something work so desperately when it was never going to."

Born in the Netherlands to Afghan refugee parents, Ferdous continues to use music to express his personal identity. Experimenting and discovering the opportunity music provides to explore, Ferdous became hooked on the thriving nature of music and has sinced harnessed its power to unveil his own narratives. With his journey into his own musical identity showcasing an authenticity that listeners adore, Ferdous continues to work alongside critically acclaimed photographer Nick van Tiem to express the roots of his musical identity.

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