FIG‘s blossoming new project “BUD” for your coffee shop afternoon

NYC-based Malaysian songstress FIG has released her warm, fuzzy debut, BUD.

BUD offers a wide spectrum of creamy R&B jams, plus a warm, vibrant bass tune that weaves it all together. There’s a fluffy lightness to the opening track, “4 Star Rated,” while the second song, “Chit Chat,” has a certain pull and drag natural coolness. The album plays like a perfect soundtrack to an alone but not lonely afternoon at your comfort coffee shop. With smooth-sailing melodies that carry just a bit of kicks, FIG dissects the minuscule and gentle nature of introspection.

The R&B, bedroom pop focused debut also experiments with a fine assortment of other musical styles. Many of the previous singles play with a colorful electro-inspired production. “Bing Bong Love Song” and “Splinter,” for example, feel like personal bounce houses for your ears. “Honey Filled Skies” stand out towards the later half of the project, with a jazzy and funky touch that sounds just like its name–it’s even got a saxophone on it. The closing number, “Cooking For One,” amps up the psychedelic synth for one more notable moment.

FIG shares her thoughts regarding BUD: “The meaning of BUD represents a safe space where I can express my thoughts and emotions away from the craziness of life. It could be a big grassy field, at home or just metaphorically a calm place in my mind where I go to escape. I wanted to title this project BUD because it’s the first step of discovering myself as an artist and like a bud I’m still in the beginning stages where I haven’t fully bloomed to a flower. I am still constantly growing and discovering who I am.”

On the dawn of BUD‘s release, FIG is set to join the rising alternative pop act dhruv for his U.S. tour.

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