Fizzy Orange makes waves with "Wonder"

Dublin five piece band Fizzy Orange has released their fifth ever track, "Wonder." 

The band's incredibly nostalgic name (don't you just want to sit on the sidewalk and have an orange soda now?) matches their aesthetic both musically and visually, calling upon early Beach Boys, a range of Motown soul styles, and nascent surfcore. It's clear the second you hear "Wonder" how precise these inspirations are, and how well they interpret them into their own vision. Entrancing smooth keys, a simpler percussion line, and a happy guitar progression make this an enjoyable addicting listen.

Fizzy Orange is 2021's proof that a band can start from their true self and elevate beyond vision as kids who form a band, and create a new wave in their wake—or, in this case, since the band's presence online is so minimal at this stage, emulate that vibe. Listening to "Wonder" feels like a look back in time at a long lost demo that really was a band's pinnacle moment. But just judging from the purity of their sound, and the ease and simplicity of their lyrics that feel so obviously drawn from real life, "Wonder" will remain enjoyable.

The song is also available via Bandcamp.

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