Flame Blazin and BIG30 pull up to the scene with "How I'm Coming" [Video]

Flame Blazin links up with BIG30, returning with another single "How I'm Coming"—a fiery track with the perfect upbeat bounce to turn up to. 

Flame Blazin's music has one theme in common: he will make everyone want to turn up while introducing the streets into the equation. Blazin has an impeccable flow that smoothly blends into the beats, all while providing the perfect delivery. The repetition of the gritty sounds, the bass, and the eccentric sounds make for an impressive background to lay the fast-paced flow on. Through catchy lyrics, witty wordplay, Flame Blazin creates music that makes it easy to gravitate to. When BIG30 comes on, he adds his own unique touch, having a harsher voice, which makes a flawless juxtaposition in their sound. Press play as we watch Flame Blazin and BIG30 show how they're coming when they pull up to the scene with their car and crew.
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