Flatbush Zombies and James Blake come together for new single “Afterlife” [Video]

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Flatbush Zombies is an independent hip-hop group known for their revealing and at times dark imagery. A byproduct of a number of studio sessions with James Blake, Flatbush Zombies released their new single “Afterlife”. Featuring electrifying lyrics and a dizzying, yet refreshing production “Afterlife” masterfully merges the talents of both James Blake and Flatbush Zombies. 

Intermixing heavy, speaker pounding drums with a haunting mix of synths and piano interludes, the production is truly evocative. Compounded with the further poignant lyricism by Flatbush Zombies, this song skillfully weaves the listener through a revealing talk about the “Afterlife”.

The release of their new single comes with an equally stellar music video. Shot in a pre-pandemic Paris, the video features an awe-inspiring X-ray filter showing the Brooklyn trio as skeletons partying and drinking throughout. The Director commented on the X-ray technology saying “Today, there is no technology that X-ray films a living being without endangering it, so we worked hand in hand with a post-production company to develop a technical device that would allow us to achieve a similar effect”. 

“Afterlife” is the first collaboration from Flatbush Zombies and James Blake. An exceptional introduction to what the two can do together, don’t be surprised to see more mind-bending singles coming out in the near future. 

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