Flight To Moonlight shares the disco-leaning alt-pop cut “Midnight”

The moniker of East London based producer Adam Baring, Flight To Moonlight eponymously alludes to his soaring, boundless approach to songwriting and production. Emerging in 2018, he soon grew to understand the distinct nuances of his sound that set him apart from the crowd, opting to lean into them. The result is a rich tapestry of a lifetime of inspiration, and he now embarks on this new and resounding creative path with “Midnight,” his first release since his 2018 debut, “Sticky.”

A clear disco-inspired groove is soon established, flavouring his crisp alt-pop with a hip-shaking nostalgia. Linking with fellow Londoner Priz, his topline effortless matches the energy and compounds the retro-future aesthetic, exploring modern apertures on the lyrical themes found in iconic disco tracks of yesteryear. Outlining the track in the email press release, Baring states that, “The idea behind the track was to make something that had a bit of a strut and swagger to it and to somehow create the same facial expressions on listeners that I get when l listen to the Bee Gees,” and strut it certainly does.

The first chapter of his new story, expect much more from Flight To Moonlight this year.

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