Florida artist Nate Traveller releases laid-back new single “Low Blow”

Southwest Florida artist Nate Traveller has elected for quality over quantity of releases over the past few years. He has just seven songs on streaming platforms, but his latest is without a doubt his best to date. “Low Blow” is a mesmerizing track that encapsulates an almost perfected laid-back vibe – one that very few are capable of putting into song. 

“Low Blow” tackles themes of self-belief and forgiveness. As Traveller sings and raps, “Believe in yourself / every step of the way,” the listener quickly buys into his carefully-chosen words of self-love. The inspiringly mature lyricism of the track offers an almost cathartic sense of relief for listeners. Traveller’s soothing vocals glide alongside the calming guitar strumming and gentle horn sounds. 

With an effortless blend of hip-hop rhythm and sun-soaked pop melodies, “Low Blow” delivers a passionate offering for any fan to enjoy. 

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