Flortcha Flow finds hope in being “Almost Loved” [Video]

Emerging singer-songwriter Flortcha Flow caught our attention with her new record “Almost Loved,” and its accompanying new music video. The South Florida-based singer brings to the fore the classic R&B vibes steeped in soul and a dash of pop into the mix. Armed with a breathy vocal timbre, Flow delivers an impassioned performance on the soothing, almost dreamy production as she shares a tale of being hopelessly in love. The record is strictly for the hopeless romantics who find themselves settling for less and Flortcha Flow provides the perfect safe space for them to be vulnerable and be honest with themselves.

The visual is helmed by Nigel Howard and Flortcha Flow herself in the role of a co-director. The dreamy theme is utilized to the fullest here and viewers are transported into the singer’s fantasy where the drama is nonexistent. The set pieces and storyboarding are quite straightforward with its performance focus approach. The visual effects are not too bad and help transition the visual from one scene to another and overall it has this old-school aesthetic but with a modern-day texture.

Flortcha Flow is a Port-au-Prince, Haiti born, US-raised artist. 

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