Flynn Johnson unveils new single “Pray”

After his work on the successful Bitter Roc single “Man Cub,” Flynn Johnson returns with his own new solo single “Pray” – his first solo single in over 2 years.  

Johnson has been very vocal online promoting a new album in the works. As an answer to fans, “Pray” see’s the Dublin MC return with pure ability and finesse. The machine gun drops flow over an extremely well-produced beat which takes influence from both old school and new school hip-hop elements. This track is proof that Flynn Johnson is as calculated as a producer as he is a creative songwriter. 

The track itself is layered with Irish specific themes that are accented by a passionate vocal tone that cuts right through the very busy beat. The finely tuned 808’s and the percussive elements create a feeling of chaos that adds a juxtaposition to Johnson’s vocal cadence and vibrant storytelling verses. 

With a highly anticipated album on the horizon, we’re very excited to hear what is coming next from Flynn Johnson. A true breath of fresh air on the Irish hip-hop scene. 

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