Fox Jackson wants to know what goes on “Behind Closed Doors”

London’s Fox Jackson unveils his debut single “Behind Closed Doors.” Bringing to mind the likes of Tom Misch and Rex Orange County, Jackson has concocted a similar essence of vibrancy, oozing with funk-driven melodies and a whole lot of charisma. The musician wrote his debut track about one of the most irritating flaws in relationships – being shut out. There is nothing worse than not being able to discuss what’s going on and so often issues can be ironed out with a simple conversation.

Jackson’s soulful, velvet vocals narrate his need to be more open with his lover, while ethereal backing vocals emphasize the passion and devotion that the relationship holds. Produced by Nick Burns, Jackson talks about their mutual inspirations and why their collaboration works so well, sharing, “We both have a love for Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams and what they brought to pop music by using jazz chords and melodies in pop songs. It’s what I have always gravitated to and as I quickly found out, so has Nick.”

As well as Jackson’s music career, he has also had great success in theatre, having landed the lead role of Billy Elliot in the West End, at just 11 years old. He thanks his time on stage for propelling him towards his solo project and for sparking his passion and creativity at such an early age.

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