Foxtide is “Already Gone” in new single

San Diego Jazz infused surf garage rock band Foxtide have just shared their latest single “Already Gone.”The track follows this year’s released single “If Only” and their debut album Visions shared in 2021.

“Already Gone” is a song all about living in a relentless routine that feels stagnant, isolating and boring. The track chronicles a man who is trapped in this existence and feels the need to conform to society at all times. “Already Gone” is a cautionary tale of always being responsible and not following one’s own passions and dreams.

Lyrics including, “get a job working hard overtime / man at least you’re not alone /waste away, couple times comprise / I already know / little piece of hell ” showcase this theme of time passing, working mindless hours and not striving to break the routine. Musically, “Already Gone”, packs a punch with a kaleidoscope of hard hitting sounds including garage rock effected guitars, warm basslines and soaring melodies. The song incorporates a vivacious synth line that hits during the bridge for 80’s inspired new wave sonics adding another dimension to the harmonious rock single.

Foxtide was founded by singer/songwriter and guitarist Elijah Gibband Croft adding the following members Dom Friedly on guitar, Oey James on bass and Ian Robles on drums. The four-piece are known for their dynamic live shows and completely DIY musical creation. Influenced by a myriad of different musical styles and bands including The Beach Boys, The Strokes, The Police and even Jazz greats, Foxtide produce their own musical concoction that is tinged with elements of surf rock, psych pop, Jazz and garage grunge.

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