Franky Wah releases ‘The Revival, Vol. 1’ mixtape

Franky Wah has released his debut long-form release, entitled simply The Revival, Vol. 1. The release – and its 14 tracks – are not quite an album, and definitely not an EP. The Yorkshire DJ and producer has chosen this format wisely, as he’s able to show off his skill sets, amplifying the storytelling of an album with the freedom of the flow of a DJ set.

The Revival, Vol. 1 takes us through the lifecycle of sunrise to sunset, building in energy and burrowing down the rabbit hole as it goes. Taking a journey through melodic progressive, rave-inspired beats and techno-influenced cadences, the tracks stand alone as well as together. Highlights include historical nods to some of electronic music’s greats, including a remix of Moby‘s 2002 track “In This World.”

This release follows the singles “Come Together” and the revival of the dance classic “You’re Not Alone,” and is out now via Ministry of Sound.

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