Freddie Dredd drops haunting “Devil’s Work” music video

Cutting edge vocalist Freddie Dredd has just released a spooky, quirky visual for his dark banger “Devil’s Work.” The track is one of the lead singles off of Freddie’s recent EP Suffer which follows a slew of singles and short form releases in 2019. Dredd has been no stranger to wild, cerebral music videos, but the latest visual here is especially striking. The unique animated take on “Devil’s Work” brings new life to Freddie Dredd’s dynamic vocal performance and compliments the already dreary aesthetics of the track. It’s surely a fascinating new addition to the off the wall and enigmatic Dredd catalogue.

The “Devil’s Work” video shows Freddie Dredd as a bellhop in a unique interpretation of hell as a hotel. He leads a guest through “check in,” collects his soul, and promptly delivers him to the devil for a lifetime of suffering. This brings a clever new meaning to “Devil’s Work,” as Freddie is shown as a literal employee of a cartoon Satan wearing a suit. He is even shown in a passive, begrudging manner throughout, indicative of a slow day at work. The video also brings an immersive animated world complete with a variety of hellish scenes and scary monsters. The most memorable visual is undoubtedly the sexy female demon that shakes her ass and pointy tail to the beat.

Freddie Dredd’s latest visual is dripping with his stark and cutting personality, matching elegantly with the eerie track. It’s striking visuals are instantly memorable, rendering a perfect nightmare.

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