Freedom Candlemaker strikes “Gold” with soothing new single [Video]

After making his debut as Freedom Candlemaker last year with album Beaming Light, Lefteris Moumtzis is back to continue the journey with new single “Gold.” The Cyprus native has had a long list of releases as a prolific artist in his country’s music scene. In addition to releasing under his name, Lefteris Moumtzis has previously released albums as J.Kriste Master of Disguise and also as part of band Trio Tekke. Looking to sort of bridge the gap between some of his releases, his newest Freedom Candlemaker single is a mellow dreamscape called “Gold.”

“Gold” shows off this lush and organic folk-infused side of Freedom Candlemaker. Listening to the track makes it feel like you’ve entered a dream or some alternate realm. The serenity of the soft melodies makes it easy to drift off as Moumtzis sings. “Gold” is intended to have this feeling of comfort and togetherness. “Everyone is equally important, loved, as well as hurt and confused. It’s meant to be a soothing song, a reminder to be open to being loved,” says Freedom Candlemaker in his press release.

Very minimal in approach, “Gold” mostly features acoustic guitar and layered vocals with a few detached accents. It slowly builds over time and opens up for a moment nearing the end, incorporating more layers and shimmering instrumentation before returning to the soft introspective place where it all started. Paired with video reflects the sonic simplicity, it features a monotone Freedom Candlemaker mostly against a white backdrop. It reflects that minimalism heard within “Gold,” but also serves bring the spiritual anchoring that track is meant to convey. Find “Gold” out now, available to stream or purchase via Louvana Records.

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