French producer Anoraak offers a vibrant remix of CAPYAC's "Losing It"

French producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Anoraak brings new life to “Losing It,” the endlessly groovy offering from LA-based electronic duo CAPYAC, with his vibrant remix. With a winning combination that is Anoraak’s style of contemporary disco and summery synth-pop tinged with CAPYAC’s penchant for all things surreal, “Losing It,” develops as a symbol for sonic versatility and experimentation.

Keeping the original punch of the disco-infused track and weaving in twists of electronics, Anoraak gets our feet tapping from the first funk-tinged beats of the production, as the infectious cut blooms within layers of lush retro keyboard riffs, swirling synths and glitchy vocals. Formed by P. Sugz and Potion, CAPYAC who have developed a reputation for their hazy, theatrical brand of jazzy music are grounded in the smooth tones of Anoraak’s experimental artistry.

Minimalistic yet intricate in its make, “Losing It,” is proof of what happens when innovators come together, each bringing a dose of their individuality into the beats that get us moving. One of many remixes to be expected from CAPYAC, the track is a glimpse of the stylish reinvention of the duo’s recent album CAPYAC FOREVER, taken to new heights by the powerhouse of talent that is Anoraak.

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