Friend Group excels on the articulate “Mechanism” from new album

Artists are naturally the sum of their influences, and what makes an artist unique is how they interpret and articulate said influences. An alt-pop artist with an upbringing in emo and punk music, Brian Wight or Friend Group‘s no-holds-barred approach offers an unpredictable foray into a lifetime love affair with music.

His aforementioned musical upbringing adds a distinct grit to his otherwise radiant pop, with much of the lyrical content focussing on the darker shades of emotion. The production, however, typically brings the emotion into a compelling balance by setting the heavy narratives against upbeat, irrefutable grooves.

“Mechanism” is a perfect example of the sonic dichotomy and the perfect introduction to his sound. The Nashville-based talent outlines the lyrical motivations in the email press release, stating that, “‘Mechanism’ was written about the ways of coping during the perfect storm of a serious breakup happening right at the start of a global pandemic and self-isolation.” Going on to note, “As if living alone during the quarantine wasn’t enough, the loss of love only turned up the volume of the silence.”

A problematic set of circumstances indeed, but once the track unfurls from the luscious introduction, the energy is flipped on its head. Confident, in-your-face vocals work in total synergy with the stripped-back, funky production; a change of pace that’ll rattle around your head until you hear it again.

“Mechanism” is out now on Friend Group’s new album, You’re The Sea And I’m The Moon.

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