Front Country return with their stunning new single “The Reckoning”

Front Country release their latest masterpiece entitled “The Reckoning.” Although written pre-pandemic, the song is extremely relevant to our current situation and the world we are living in. Built upon layered harmonies, ethereal melodies and laden with stunning string arrangements the song packs a powerful and emotive punch. Front Country hope to spread a message of positivity with “The Reckoning”, showing that if we all unite and come together, we can create a better future for us all. 

AntiFragile · The Reckoning – Front County

The trio share, “The current political moment has been defined by conflict and polarization but also genuine shifts in collective consciousness and commitment to do better. I have personally done more work in the past few years than at any time in my life in unpacking my own complicity in systems of oppression, and I have seen the same work from others, which feels like the one good thing to come out of all of this.” 

Front Country is composed of Melody Walker, Adam Roszkiewicz and Jacob Groopman. Together, they have spent the past few years concocting and perfecting their distinct musicality, going on a journey to find their true sound. Relocating to Nashville from the San Francisco area, the trio have found the sonic inspiration needed to enrich their latest offering. Take a listen to “The Reckoning” now and get excited for what’s to come with their upcoming album set for release later this year. 

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