Frya prefers some "BDE" [Video]

South African singer/songwriter Frya (pronounced fre-yah) releases the visual for her single "BDE" (short for Big Dick Energy) following her music placement on the hit Netflix show Blood & Water. The rising singer teams up with veteran producer Mr. Kamera on this sensual single which celebrates femininity and sexual empowerment far from the restrictions of societal norms. She adds via email that she created the song to help women feel empowered and bold enough to shoot their shot if they want to, but more importantly, for them to fully embrace themselves and live their true lives. Bolstered by the hypnotic soundscape, heavenly horns, and punchy dancehall-infused drums, Frya delivers an unapologetic performance ripe with sultriness and vivid lyrics about what she desires from her man. She aims to please, warning her man that there is none like her out there.

The visual is directed by Evan Wigdorowitz and Mzonke Maloney who help ramp up the sensual energy with their eye-popping visual style. From the dim lighting, regal costumes that project her feature, and her male backup dancers who play the background, the video sure delivers something enticing and straight to the point.

Frya and Mr. Kamera both worked together on the Blood & Water soundtrack — featuring four of her songs from her forthcoming debut album.   

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