Future Someone drops soothing track “I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For”

New York City singer-songwriter and producer Future Someone drops moody yet soothing track “I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For,” offering up a melting pot of hypnotic melodies built upon pulsing synths and luscious, layered vocal lines.

Led by poignant lyricism, “You’re not what I want, you’re not what I need,” the gentle track weaves an honest message on our constant change and growth we undergo in life, encouraging us to break free from pieces of ourselves that no longer serve you.

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With an intimate message offset by an expansive, echoing soundscape, the track is yet another intriguing glimpse into musician Kyle Walters’evolving musicality under the moniker of Future Someone.

Having been part of bands like Ionia and Those Mockingbirds, Walters who slowly swerved away heavier, guitar-driven sounds to craft soaring sonics built on hazy keys, precise beats and heartfelt pop lyrics gives us the first glimpse of an album long time in the making with “I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For” – and if the tranquil yet infectious quality of this latest offering is anything to go by, the upcoming project is going to be well worth the wait as a long musical journey awaits us.

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