FUTURISTIC gets contemplative with “How Could You”

Illinois-born Rapper and producer FUTURISTIC has been making his voice heard in the pop-punk hip-hop movement. It’s no secret the artist’s style isn’t limited to one genre, releasing everything from hard rap tracks like “I Guess I’ll Smoke,” to acoustic pop hits like “Anxious.”

FUTURISTIC’s release of “Gucci” earlier this summer marked the beginning of a new era – one fuelled by electric power chords and banging drums, and marked with features by Loveless, Ryan Oakes, and Magnolia Park. Towards the end of September, FUTURISTIC released the 5th instalment in his pop-punk takeover, and we’re thoroughly impressed.

“How Could You” features Magnolia Park, starts off with a few simple piano notes, immediately setting the track’s tone. As FUTURISTIC hops on the track, he pours out heartfelt lyrics to match the atmosphere. He gets sentimental about being taken advantage of, in a calm matter. But don’t be deceived, the chorus is where he gets out his rage. A clean mix of wild drums, a clean rhythm, and aggressive pop-punk vocals is only the beginning – towards the second half of the chorus, the drums pick up providing us with an absolute headbanger.

Combined with raw emotion, the rock beat emphasizes the words “How could you leave me here?”. Magnolia Park drops their verse after the second chorus, immediately chiming into the following chorus to create a goosebump-worthy single. We’re definitely stoked to follow FUTURISTIC throughout his pop-punk journey.

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