Gabe James shares his intimate new EP ‘CITY OF LOST ANGELS’

Venturing to a big city like Los Angeles can be overwhelming especially if you are coming from a small town. Gabe James intricately narrates his big move to LA and his struggle to fit in with his new EP CITY OF LOST ANGELS. Focusing on themes of love, rejection and saying goodbye, this new four-track collection possesses an emotive alt-pop sound that truly soars through infectious, energetic vocals.

The EP commences with the passion of  “Flicker”—a spirited, upbeat tune that exudes a strong feeling of nostalgic familiarity. The lyrics narrate of being strung along by a girl back in high school the lyrics are so candid and raw. Passionately singing, “I was warned by my friends not to fuck with you and in the end they were right,” you can sense an earnest pain penetrating from the release.

“Long Time” is an Ed Sheeran-esque offering that is the ideal ear candy. With buttery, melodic harmonies and animated rhythm, it is easy to get sucked into the song’s sunny quality.

The EP ends with the effortless “Gracie” that features glistening acoustic guitars and tender, soulful vocals the piece will tug at your heartstrings and never let go.

The 20-year-old talent is a skilled guitar player who also writes and produces all his own music. Born and raised in Colorado, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music fulltime and has fully submerged himself in his craft. Influenced by artists like John Mayer and The 1975, James’ music captivates listeners with poetic storytelling and irresistible arrangements. CITY OF LOST ANGELS does not disappoint, providing those same qualities fans love.            

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