Gabe Kubanda drops hard hitting new single "Back on Track"

The pandemic has been a tough time for us all. With quarantines and COVID seeming to affect every part of daily life, it's been a challenging time; however, Gabe Kubanda has been making the best of the last year. With performances on Vans Warped Tour and Summerfest, Gabe has been channeling his internal struggles into beautiful music. He just came out with a new single "Back On Track" in which he speaks on honoring family and keeping loved ones close in trying times.

Recorded and self-producing music in his home throughout the pandemic, Gabe comes back t0 us with a wildly unique production bringing in influences of pop, rock, and dance music. One thing that Gabe clearly knows how to do well is keeping the listener on their toes. Overtop of a looping drum baseline, Gabe intersperses these smooth synths and guitar riffs that have the listener waiting to see what comes next in the song. In addition to the great production, the lyrics are incredibly raw and to the time. Exploring themes of family, loss, and more listeners will come away with a greater appreciation for all those around them. 

Gabe has been on a roll recently, releasing summer hit after summer hit. Make sure to stay tuned to his socials as he continues to drop more music soon.

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