Gadee explores chilled indie in powerful new single “Shake” [Video]

Chilled, serene and emotional to the core is a perfect way to describe the latest single from Tel Aviv songwriter Gadee, who has provided the perfect tonic for a chilled Sunday with “Shake”. It’s a track that utilizes lush, guitar licks and raw emotion twinned with a beautifully shot music video showcasing middle eastern culture. The track showcases the artist’s technical ability while also providing an emphatically joyful piece of chilled indie, perfect for lazy afternoons.

Speaking on the new single, Gadee writes “Shake is a song about hugging the pain and finding the balance between the dark moments and the lighten moments. You could get too close until it hurts but you could get too far and still get hurt. Shake is a message about letting yourself go with the ride of love with the pain and the fear involved. We should still keep shaking with groove of the waves and fool around under the warmth of the sun while cherishing every moment with pain or joy”

Watch the video for “Shake” below

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