GANZ returns with bombastic ‘Lost Boys’ EP

Netherlands-based electronic music powerhouse GANZ emerged onto the underground SoundCloud scene back in 2013 when the platform was still an undisputed hive of activity pushing genres in all kinds of interesting new directions. His music carried the in-your-face bass that people were looking for, but garnered a futuristic, enveloping-pushing focus on new sounds, melody and grandiose soundscapes. Fast forward to 2020 and GANZ triumphantly shares his most ambitious project to date, Lost Boys, a concept EP perfectly exemplifies the growth and true skill of this inspired producer.

The past seven years have seen him simultaneously take great creative strides forward while maintaining a sound true to his roots; one unmistakably his own. Speaking to his journey in the email press release, he outlines that, “I like to show people the stuff I’ve learned through the years and to stay true to myself. Sometimes it’s right to take a different path then others wanting you to choose, for me it’s all about lessons of life and personal growth.”

We had our first taste of his Peter Pan-themed project earlier this month, with “Rufio’s Theme,” a track that performed like S-Type’s “Billboard” kicked into hyperdrive by GANZ’s masterful production. Other standouts from the project include “Thud Butt” with it’s oxymoronic gritty and glittering synths, “Fairy Dust” that sets an effortless groove against a frenetic melody and the eponymous title track closes out the project in the signature style that established him as an artist.

Joining them are two more tracks that complete this 20-minute auditory adventure through the vividly colourful world that he’s created on this project, a world that extends to his past projects, and with any luck, many projects to come.

Lost Boys is out now on Quality Goods Records.

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