Gen Bello shows us a true “Summer in Harlem”

Harlem-based Gen Bello has shared a new single “Summer in Harlem”, in partnership with Miami-based R&B label NuMiamiThe singer was discovered after releasing her music independently while living with her mother in Bergenfield, NJ. She went on to release “That Girl”, which saw her collaborating with LA-based singer-songwriter Ryahn. Now with the backing of NuMiami label, she is poised to continue her unique style of pop-infused retro-tinged R&B.

“Summer in Harlem” is a mid-tempo, guitar-driven track that explores the feeling of being genuinely interested in someone. The production is reminiscent of Dark Child and early Neptunes (sans the over-pronounced guitar riffs), and has a lush soulful texture. Gen Bello sure knows her stuff, and carries the song with her commanding vocal tone and stylish melodic runs. Her seamless transitions from English to Spanish are remarkable and natural as well, while the hook is simple enough to remember and lingers long after.

“Summer in Harlem” is the follow up track to her self titled EP, which came out late last year.

Stream “Summer in Harlem” on TikTok.

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