Genevieve Stokes isn’t “Running Away” from expressing raw emotion

One element concurrent across musical greats throughout the ages is their rare ability to pen songs that effortlessly lift you out of your situation, salubriously transporting you into the world they paint with their vivid music. Portland-based singer-songwriter Genevieve Stokes has just that, and performs latest, “Running Away”, with such a tender intimacy you can’t help but empathize or relate to her heartbreaking narrative.

The simple fact of her age is one that will no doubt both stun and compel a few readers. At just eighteen years, her music carries a level of skill and emotional potency that vastly exceeds it. “Running Away” proves that as an emotional journey, embellished by a rich piano progression and simple rhythm that only adds to the gravitas of her introspective songwriting.

Spinning a yarn on a modern romance, Genevieve elucidates in the email press release that “I wasn’t sure if my feelings were fully reciprocated and I was too afraid to ask. The song is a representation of how I overthought and tormented myself over my feelings.” This exasperation, coupled with various shades across the emotional spectrum are siphoned through her firm grasp of musical expression, solidifying her as a resounding new voice in the alt-pop world; one sure to catch ears to turn heads for years to come.

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