Georgia Black fights against the “Invisible Enemy”

North London blues artist Georgia Black shines light on the amazing power of our community in her latest single “Invisible Enemy.” This year has taken its devastating toll on each and every person, bringing a dark cloud of negativity over our heads, but Black wants to remind us that we are all superheroes, for simply staying at home—something which we’d never thought would be possible.

“Invisible Enemy” carries a feeling of importance both sonically and thematically, with the song dripping with soulful, bluesy tones, making you feel as if you’re in a Bond movie. You imagine sitting on a chesterfield sofa, sipping on a smooth whiskey from a crystal cut glass, while people come to your beck and call. Emanating a provocative aura, Black shows off her velvet, Shirley Bassey style vocals, which glide delicately atop a stunning string arrangement and swirling Jazz-infused melodies. 

Working as a Learning Support Assistant, Black found inspiration for the song after a conversation with a friend who stated, “Don’t you think it’s crazy that whenever we’re usually unwell, we feel we have to be the hero and push ourselves to go to work, but right now, to be the hero is the other way round?” What once would have been an outrageous idea, is now the norm and Black hopes “Invisible Enemy” will reinforce the importance of staying at home in order to win our battle.

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