Get familiar with Baltimore artist Johnny Vice and his intriguing new video for “Rampage”

For most sons, one of the first desires early on is to emulate or impress their fathers. This comes in many forms, but is often most represented when the son looks to carry on whatever work or passion his father had. Hailing from Baltimore, rising vocalist Johnny Vice‘s inspiration to honor his father came in the form of becoming an artist after he passed away early in his childhood. Now fully realizing that potential, he’s caught some buzz due to a few solid releases that caught the attention of social media and streaming playlists. Checking into our pages for the first time, he drops off his trippy new video for his new single “Rampage.”

Directed by Andrew, the video follows Vice around downtown Los Angeles as he’s driven around town to various locations. One of the more interesting qualities that is immediately apparent is his look. Donning a swanky stripped suit and some peculiar face paint, these colorful visuals do a brilliant job of complimenting the record, which is just as weird and vibrant. Produced by Stxrmiix, the song kicks off with towering synths and minimal drums before completely exploding by toning down the former and adding much more of the latter. With the synths tamed, the pocket leaves an opening for Vice to showcase his abilities as a vocalist. While his range isn’t a traditional one, his understanding of auto-tune does a great job of really highlighting the sincerity of his lyrics. One-liners like “I been taking hearts cause they took mine” feel much more genuine when the person belting them out sounds like a warped version of the devil on our shoulders. 

In all, “Rampage” is an impressive release from the rising Baltimore native. Take a peek at the video above and get familiar with Johnny Vice. 

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