Get familiar with DMV native Ty Thom with his latest single, “Break a Sweat”

Rappers who have personality traits other than money, guns and jewelry have always been the most intriguing. With so many new acts coming out and adhering to similar tropes, it’s always refreshing to see artists who deviate from that. Hailing from Maryland, rising rapper Ty Thom is carving a lane for himself off the strength of originality, impressive flows and a stout pen, as displayed on his well-received 2020 release, Lucid. Looking to start the year off correctly, he releases a new video for his latest single, “Break a Sweat.”

Directed by Boot Scrap, “Break a Sweat,” is a fun and engaging video that follows him and his friends through 3-minutes of hilarious hi-jinks as the boys battle one another for the attention of a yoga instructor. Featuring a laid back production from bckground, the record itself finds Thom showcasing his ability to switch through flows effortlessly. His infectious vocal tone and smooth one-liners command the track and packaged with such an amusing video, this latest release is a home run. 

Make sure you take a peek at the video above, and listen to Thom’s new project, Lucid, out now. 

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