Get familiar with Florida rapper WAFFLEJAX & his lyrically engaging new single, "Spicy Noodle"

Over the last 10 years, we've heard all types of foolish complaints about how "real," hip-hop was dead because people didn't know how to find new music other than turning on their radios. Luckily, streaming has calmed some of those claims down as people have been able to find music from all over the world, catering to whichever sub-genre of hip-hop they preferred. Coming out of Spring Hill, Florida, WAFFLEJAX falls under the boom-bap category, as he prefers to rhyme over minimalistic production with an emphasis on lyricism. Looking to further the buzz that he's amassed on social media, he drops off his new single, "Spicy Noodle."

Produced by LethalNeedle, the record wastes no time as WAFFLEJAX immediately proves his prowess as a lyricist. As the record begins, he opens up with a story about how the Teletubbies scared him as a kid, which prompted him to put water in his water gun and shoot at the TV, painting a harrowing picture that's underscored by the eerie drums and melodies provided by the production.  Throughout the rest of the record, the Florida native follows this formula as he bares his soul, speaking about stories that range from a rocky childhood, to dealing with murky waters as an adult, something that most humans can relate to in some form or fashion. 

Proving his abilities as a lyricist, it would be wise to keep an eye on WAFFLEJAX's progression. Take a listen to the single above and get familiar with the Florida rapper below. 

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