Get familiar with Maryland emcee Jaco & his engaging new project, ‘Lost From Heaven’

The ability to parlay unwanted feelings such as sadness, anger, jealousy and more, into engaging and relatable art is a rare, but substantial skill. Hailing from Montgomery County, Maryland, rising emcee Jaco seems to be developing that skill at an accelerated rate. Known for his poignant raps, the young rapper has been making some waves due to his willingness to be vulnerable in his music. Looking to further the buzz and establish his presence officially, he checks into our pages for the first time with his impressive new project, Lost From Heaven.

Clocking in at eight tracks, Lost From Heaven is a lyrically engaging project that finds Jaco processing his emotions throughout the 24-minute runtime. Featuring production from Kujo, Young Swisher and more, the project finds its footing through moody melodies, quaint drum patterns, outstanding lyricism and relatable songwriting. On records like “Hallelujah,” he takes advantage of the brooding production from Batman by starting off the song with piercing lyrics like, “I took a xanny to the chest, would make a preacher confess,” setting the tone for not only the song, but the project in general. Other records that standout include “Fold,” an enjoyable collaboration with Jordan Curls, “Burn It All,” a record that sounds much more grounded than the anarchism of its title suggests, and “Down.” Produced by Aebeats, “Down” finds Jaco putting all of his impressive qualities together, resulting in a song that still captures the overall essence that Jaco embodies, while also showcasing improvements in other areas as a songwriter. 

With a new project to kick off the new year, it’s clear Jaco is looking to further establish himself as an artist to watch. Take a listen to Lost From Heaven above and get familiar with the Maryland emcee. 

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