Get familiar with rising Indie sensation The President of Pop & his groovy new single “Fly/Shine”

Although times are tough, music is one of those things that has the ability to help us through it. Whether it’s through the euphemism of sad music, or the serotonin-inducing joy that comes with upbeat tracks, people are looking to be engaged during times like these. Subscribing to the latter, rising artist, The President of Pop utilizes a library of nature sounds and spacey production on his eclectic new single, “Fly/Shine.”

Produced by Pop himself, “Fly/Shine,” is a fun, quirky record that finds Pop really showcasing his personality through the music. The Andromeda Galaxy native stays in the Alien character throughout the song, he sings about a world that’s yet to be conquered but is prime for the taking. His infectious ability to capture the listener with undeniable hooks is Pop’s true calling card. Making the song stadium ready with echoing chants, and claps show that he knows exactly how to make exciting music that separates him from other artists. 

With this serving as his second well-received release of the summer after his breakout single, “Google-Ized By Google’s Eyes,” Pop should be on his way to more mainstream notoriety, soon. Get familiar with him before the bandwagon is too full.

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