Get familiar with rising lyricist Nasser and his relatable new single, "One More Chance?"

One of the quickest ways to rise through the ranks in music is to create music that the majority of people can relate to. For some artists, they choose to tap into the more festive side of consumers by making party music, while others tend to touch on everyday topics such as family, determination to succeed and much more. One topic that is tried and true to capture the ears of listeners worldwide, though, is love. Checking into our pages for the first time, rising songwriter Nasser understands this perfectly, as he continues his streak of engaging singles with his new release, "One More Chance?"

As evidenced by the title, "One More Chance?" finds Nasser eagerly pleading his case for a second chance with his love. Utilizing silky smooth production from Brian Baso and Doug Woodrow, he takes the opportunity to deliver poignant lines like, "Took you for granted. even though you showed me the way /Blamed you for what's wrong, instead of telling you thanks." From there, the record follows Nasser as he continues to apologize while coming to a few realizations about himself as a person, sparked by the aforementioned epiphany. Meshing the infectious production with Nasser's engaging lyricism, "One More Chance?" serves as a wonderful follow up to his recent slate of engaging releases.

Be sure to take a listen to the single above and get familiar with Nasser. 

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