Get familiar with rising songwriter LeRoy Mobley & his impressive new single, "Quality Time"

Sometimes less is more, and minimalism gets the job done. While big productions and complex sounds are at times the backbone of some of our favorite records, there's just something special about somebody being able to strip it all down and showcase their talent on a blank canvas. After experiencing many different things due to moving around a lot while growing up, rising vocalist LeRoy Mobley originally wanted to be a counselor before embarking on the journey of a musician. Treating his music like a session with the listener, he utilizes similar interpersonal feelings to interact with the listener on a different level. Looking to breakthrough to the masses, Mobley drops off his engaging new single, "Quality Time."

Opening up with an acoustic guitar instrumental, "Quality Time" finds its footing through the infectious meshing of the production with LeRoy Mobley's substantial vocals. Playing to the themes of the song title, he underlines the importance of quality time within the context of a relationship. Citing things such as social media, he croons about how being face to face with love ones is something that everybody needs to nurture the soul. In all, LeRoy's relatable songwriting is something that will without a doubt endear him to listeners, as he's speaking on universal issues that many people experience. 

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with LeRoy Mobley. 

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