Get lost in SaintAhmad’s “Clouds”

Brooklyn based SaintAhmad just released his single and video for “Clouds,” the artist’s sophomore track and a mesmerizing summer jam with smooth R&B production and soothing, soulful vocals.

Last month, SaintAhmad released an impressive debut track, “It’s Just Me,” which brilliantly showcased his musical charisma and cleverly orchestrated sounds. In “Clouds,” SaintAhmad gives his listeners another song to get excited about, further highlighting him as an emerging artist with true staying power.


Vibey and evocative, “Clouds” is a track about loosening up and giving in to your fantasies. Just in time for summer, this radiant rhythmic tune washes over you with irresistible vocals, dreamy R&B melodies and polished production. SaintAhmad confesses, “I wrote clouds through the lens of having a sexual relationship with smoking weed. I found this to be the best way to express my current circumstances and the way that I felt about myself during that time. The song toys on the line of hyper sexuality and rolling a blunt. Imagine rolling a blunt in the most sexual way possible.” The catchiness of the song mixed with the breezy, relaxed vibes gives us a much needed dose of dreaminess, along with a temporary escape from the burdens of daily life.

Lay back, relax, and check out SaintAhmad’s “Clouds”. 

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