Get your fix of neo-soul nirvana on IAMNOBODI’s ‘The Interludes’

Typically you would associate an interlude on a project to be a short and generally skippable lead-up to a full track.  Berlin-based multi-platinum producer IAMNOBODI seeks to change that viewpoint on his aptly titled latest project The Interludes.  

Inspired by numerous game-changing R&B interludes such as “You Are My Joy” by Faith Evans and “Khalil” by Boyz II Men, the project seeks to flip the script of the interlude as a quasi-filler piece of musical theater.  Taking vocal assistance from Phonte of Little Brother, BeMyFiascoEmmavie, and up-and-comer SMVThe Interludes does its job of delivering bite-sized yet thoroughly satisfying pieces of neo-soul flavor.  Beginning with the calmly confident “Backwater Interlude”, anticipation builds into the future-soul masterclass “Future Sex Interlude” which utilizes the vocals of SMV to deliver a scintillating and delicate bedroom R&B cut.  “Let It Roll Interlude” is a highlight of the project, layering Phonte’s thought-provoking bars with an Anita Baker-esque chorus from BeMyFiasco floating over impassioned sample-driven production.  “Good morning but I’m not a morning person, morning people are the fucking police” Phonte raps, providing some prime Instagram caption fodder for fans of the North Carolina emcee. 

IAMNOBODI ends his EP on a high note with the brilliant Emmavie collaboration “Copy & Paste Interlude”, a track that feels like it could exist just as easily as an interlude on a new Drake album.  With interplaying guitars mixing with the vibrant vocal harmonics of London-based Emmavie, the track is a piece of heaven for any neo-soul aficionado.  

The Interludes feels like a clinic of adeptly delivered neo-soul and future R&B that functions best if you lay back, kick your feet up, and just enjoy 14 minutes straight of good vibrations.  For IAMNOBODI, a producer who has already reached astounding heights in his career by producing for legends like Nipsey Hussle and high-profile rappers like Mick Jenkins and Freddie Gibbs, the project is further affirmation of his knack for toned-down but still engaging little slices of hip-hop and R&B goodness.

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