Gianna Ernst shares atmospheric single “Someday”

Gianna Ernst has dropped off a new single called, “Someday”. Her previous single “Dangerous” was a bold statement about the dangers of manipulation and control in relationships, and its powerful message and anthemic chorus garnered it viral recognition and expanded upon Gianna’s glistening pop sound. Her latest offering, “Someday” continues her run with atmospheric sonics and sharp songwriting. Containing raw, emotive lyricism, “Someday” tells a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the pain of lost love, and the hope that someday, things could be reconciled.

“Someday” blends shimmering guitars with an organic-sounding drum line for an instrumental that utilizes minimalism to enhances its emotion, while leaving space for Ernst’s silky vocals. She weaves together drifting lines smoothly, enhancing the track’s glossy, reflective feel, capped off by a cathartic hook.

Ernst’s latest makes for a sleek new offering with a soft vibrance captured within its glowing sound, making for an engaging new release from the 18 year-old artist.

Watch the new lyric video for “Someday” here:

[embedded content]

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