GILLIA offers up a complex slice of alt-hip-hop on “Familiar”

Texas-hailing, LA-based musician and songwriter GILLIA whips up an immersive slice of alternative hip hop on “Familiar,” which fuses melodic yet upbeat rap with luscious R&B tones to set an ambient and reflective moment.

A track that acknowledges the frustrations of experiencing obstacles over and over again before weaving a powerful message on being prepared to face the conflict, we’re offered an introspective listening experience on “Familiar,” led by his penchant for thoughtful song writing on topics of personal growth and self-improvement as well as his signature blend of rapping and singing.

Striking a balance between anthemic hooks and a mellow delivery, GILLIA’s diverse style manages to be an intricate yet unhurried one founded on crisp but emotive delivery.

Following the success of “Never Change,” this latest offering sets this emerging star as an act forging a new path, framed by complex musicality and plenty of confidence.

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