Gina Jeanz gives a track-by-track breakdown of electronic debut album, 'Lucid Theory'

Rising Namibian producer and DJ, Gina Jeanz has released her debut album, Lucid Theory. Arriving with much anticipation after the release of three extended plays over the last two years, Lucid Theory is a creative and colorful electronic project. On the nine-track LP, Gina Jeanz transports listeners to a world of electronic beauty. From future bass to deep house, progressive R&B, alternative soul, UK garage and funky house, the wide-ranging sounds on Lucid Theory are a delight to the ears.

Speaking on the fulfillment of being able to create this album, Gina Jeanz said, “There were series of events that led me to create this album and set the foundation for the entire project. I had been fighting my own battles, particularly after the passing of my mother in 2017, and I was severely anxious and could barely create music without running into creative blocks and worse, doubting my ability to bring my ideas to life.” The super creative composer added, “For the first time in a long time, with this album, I knew if I truly wanted to enjoy making music again, I had to freely and fearlessly just do it. This is my story, this is my healing, this is my theory.”

The album sees Gina and featured guest artists (Sio, MOONGA K., Brad Knight, Jordan Baker and AliThatDude) channelling raw emotions. Themes of anxiety are explored on “Overstimulated,” "100ml,” and “Sun Spot.” Meanwhile tracks like “All of Me,” and “Can’t Pretend” revolve around love. To celebrate the release of her debut album, Gina Jeanz has given EARMILK an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of her electronic debut. Listen to the album below while reading about each song on the project.


“Overstimulated” sets the foundation of the album, it was the very first track I produced when I decided to make the album. I had been through many challenging events prior to working on this project. I lost my mother in 2017, I couldn’t make music for long periods so I really felt lost and overwhelmed. I decided the best way to go about it was to draw inspiration from my personal experiences. “Overstimulated” highlights my state of mind at the time and although it felt like I had no control it was glorious to come out of that and create this piece of music.

Sun Spot (ft. Sio)

The contrast between the title “Sun Spot” and Sio’s writing on this track is where light meets the dark. I wanted to give each artist an opportunity to tell their stories as well. Sio speaks of a tumultuous relationship and although the obvious answer is to leave, it just isn’t that easy to walk away from familiarity.

“After Hours” (ft. Brad Knight)

“After hours” speaks to letting go of all inhibitions, getting lost in the essence of the one you’re with. The production of this track challenged me in the sense that I had worked on a completely different style of music to what I’m usually known for. As for Brad Knight he completely took control with his lushes vocals. The song also embraces having no expectations beyond just living in that moment, no inhibitions and no judgement.

“Can’t Pretend” (ft. Moonga K.)

Moonga wrote so flawlessly to this track I felt this was such a perfect fit as we had met for the first time in studio that day and recorded this track. I grew up on R&B and Soul so I really wanted to challenge myself once again and incorporate live instrumentation, the production in this track definitely showcases how much I’ve matured in sound selection. The Flugelhorn played by David Watkins, I also sang towards the end of the track something that I’m slowly getting more comfortable with. The track simply speaks on letting go of the idea that one should have to hold back at admitting how much they're ready to dive into it all and just completely give into love.

“All of Me” (ft. Jordan Baker)

Jordan definitely understood the nature of the production of this track she wrote from a perspective of falling into patterns of unrequited love and lack of communication and her vocals carried the production so beautifully. I wanted to keep the production simple on this track primarily so her vocals would shine through, I’ve always loved the incorporating different tones and ideas, it just gives me an opportunity to showcase my different styles of production once again my love for R&B showcases in this track.

“We Move” (ft. AliThatDude)

This track was inspired by summer love in foreign locations, I travelled through 2018-2019 for some reason you’re just a little more confident to move differently when you’re in a space/place no one knows you. The spirit of the track is carried with Ali’s infectious delivery both singing and rapping on the track. He was the perfect fit and also being Namibian like myself I really wanted to showcase how although from different backgrounds in music we both had the same goal in mind executing this track, we wanted to showcase what Namibian music can look like outside of the genres people from my country are used to.


As a Namibian living in South Africa for over 10 years, I’ve been influenced by the electronic music scene. I’ve seen the rise of genres like Gqom and Amapiano. I really wanted to pay homage to SA and how much I’ve grown into my music while living here. “Amagroove” is the perfect blend between my house influences and Amapiano but with my own unique spin on it.

Dopamine ft (Moonga K.)

“Dopamine” simply celebrates life and having your levels stable enough to feel like yourself again. Moonga and I have a very interesting discussion in studio before working together. We spoke on our own battles with mental health, we spoke on different methods we’ve used to keep ourselves going and we just wanted to have a fun take on what getting your levels back up would look like. It was a no-brainer to stick to the title of the song and make something beautiful and positive out of it.


This track was inspired by the positive effects that CBD oil (without THC) had on my overall mental health. Again I just drew of my personal experience, in a way I was so happy that I was able to get through my days without anxiety and spent most of my recovery days elated and found joy in creating again. This is a purely and heightened track that I went full-on with production allowing it to just be with no expectations other than to have fun creating it.

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